Amplidiag® Analyzer

he Amplidiag® product family consists of high-throughput molecular diagnostics with Amplidiag® PCR amplification kits, that can be used manually or with an automated platform such as Amplidiag® Easy.

Amplidiag® is a family of diagnostic tests for high-throughput molecular diagnostics for screening of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, HAIs and antibiotic resistances.

Amplidiag® Easy takes the suite even further by automating the workflow from primary sample to final result. Developed in partnership with TECAN, Amplidiag® Easy enables high-throughput molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases. In the case of the latest COVID-19 pandemic, Amplidiag® Easy has allowed clinical laboratories to answer rapidly to large demand of coronavirus testing. Learn more.

Amplidiag® Analyzer is a dedicated software eliminating the need for time-consuming manual interpretation of results by automating the necessary processes