iFlash 3000 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

AUTOMATION is the strategy to be chosen by the Lab Manager in order to achieve for her lab the predefined levels of Lab Efficiency, Lab Productivity, of Lab Quality and Lab Cost Reduction.
As China's first Acridinium Ester direct CLIA Analyzer, the iFlash 3000 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer is the latest generation of CLIA platform dedicated to YHLO's comprehensive reagent panels including Autoimmunity, Infection and Hormones, etc.
The iFlash’s paths to Automation:

  1. Workflow Simplification
  2. Work Station Consolidation
  3. New diagnostic Strategies
  4. Sample Flow Optimization
  5. Data Flow Optimization
  6. Lab Design Optimization
  7. Test Process Improvement
  8. Repetitive tasks reduction

iFlash 3000 Advantages:

  • Acridinium ester direct chemiluminescence technology
  • Up to 300T/H, first result in 10 minutes
  • Convenient reaction cuvette (RV) array
  • High-efficient non- contact eccentric vortex mixer
  • Dynamic contact solid thermostatic heating incubation tray
  • 4-step Magnetic separation system
  • Multiple light-resistant structure, eliminate environment light interference
  • Precise sampling system with automatic sample dilution function
  • User-friendly operation interface with convenient sample application